How to Prevent Your Partner or Friends from Driving Drunk

Friends may think that a cold shower, a cup of coffee, or some fresh air is all they need to sober up. However, only time can remove alcohol and narcotics from the body.

Here are some things you can take to prevent your buddies from driving drunk.

How to Prevent Your Friends from Driving Drunk

Stopping a friend from driving while intoxicated may be one of the most crucial decisions you ever make. However, convincing an inebriated friend to exercise caution is not always easy or possible. 

Here are some steps you can take from a Kansas City DWI lawyer to try to reason with your inebriated friend, as well as some measures to take even if you don’t agree. What counts most is that you can recognize a potentially harmful scenario and take action, even if it means making decisions on behalf of a buddy.

Dissuading Your Drunk Friend from Driving

Take action right away. Don’t wait till the end of the night when your companion may be too sleepy or agitated to listen to you. 

If you notice that your friend is on their way to inebriation and fails to recognize that they need to hand over their keys, intervene quickly to avoid making a spectacle or causing unnecessary tension.

The worst that could happen is that you were too cautious and ended up giving the keys to your now-sober pal with a laugh.

If the situation allows, sprinkle some jokes or light comments throughout your conversation. 

Inform anyone else who is a closer friend to your buddy than you are of the potential threat. Your friend may listen better to someone with whom they are more familiar or have known for a longer time.

Staying Composed When Stopping a Friend from Driving Drunk

You may not be sure if you are reaching your friend, but you must follow through on your warning. Request that your friend repeats what you said to ensure that they understand what is going on.

For example, “I’m asking you not to get in the automobile right now, and we’re happy to assist you in making alternative transportation arrangements. Do you comprehend?” 

If your friend dismisses your worry, don’t give up; keep coming up with any arguments or explanations you can think of to persuade them not to get in the car.

Speak quietly and calmly to emphasize your warning and ensure a smooth, unambiguous delivery.

Avoid saying anything embarrassing or demeaning to minimize controversy and possible physical conflict. 

For instance, don’t say, “it’s such a pain that you can never hold your alcohol.” 

Rather, try something like, “we all want you to go home from this party safely.”

Refuse your friend’s alternate suggestions, such as drinking coffee or taking a cold shower. These treatments will not help get the alcohol out of their system.

If you explore these possibilities with your friend, warn them that even if they make him feel confident enough to drive, they could still receive a DWI due to the amount of alcohol left in their system.

Taking Preventative Measures to Stop Friends from Driving Drunk

Select a designated driver. A designated driver relieves everyone’s stress for the night and establishes who may and may not drink. 

If at all feasible, arrange for a designated driver before you begin drinking. Accepting responsibility ahead of time does your friend a big favor, and your friend can then take on the burden another time.

If you cannot persuade your friend not to drive by talking it out, hiding their keys may be a viable option. 

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. 

You can try to immediately make an excuse to your friend by claiming you need to get something from the car or conduct a brief errand.

If keeping your friend or taking issues into your own hands does not seem like a smart option, it may be in everyone’s best interest to call an Uber. To avoid future complications, always pay for Uber in advance and ensure that the driver has clear instructions.

Using Kansas City’s Public Transportation to Avoid DWI

Map the route to your friend’s residence if it is accessible by public transit. 

Avoid routes that require a lot of walking because it may be difficult to keep your friend moving. 

The more support you have, the better, so bring along more willing pals to transport your drunk friend home. If enough people show up, he might even have fun along the way, and any anxiety about not driving will rapidly vanish.

Tips for Avoiding DWI in Kansas City

If you’re throwing the party, don’t impose alcohol on your guests (who may just be accepting to be polite). Also, keep non-alcoholic beverages on hand at all times.

You may feel overbearing or annoying, yet you are actually carrying out a crucial task. You are being thoughtful and compassionate by recognizing an issue that must be addressed immediately to keep your friends safe.

If your friend’s driving while drunk is a pattern, talk to them about it. It is imperative to break the silence or taboo surrounding drinking to dispel the misconception that driving drunk is a personal choice that does not damage others.

Hire a Kansas City DWI Lawyer

If you have a loved one who is trying to stop drinking and driving, there are real things you can do to help, both now and in the future. While the advice provided here may be useful, individualized assistance from a professional can have the most impact.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DWI, a Kansas City DWI lawyer can help. Contact the Law Office of Benjamin Arnold today to learn more about your DWI defenses. 

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